Main Info

Script now in BETA and FREE to use. Please give some feedback for improve this script


This script require Rage Core library

Use this script!

This is simple particle for shackle prediction
Script contains 5 combo mode. All modes supports all offence items.
Also supports blink and force.

  1. Simple orbwalker for AA and ult.

  2. Multi Shackle. Will use shackle only on multiple HERO targets.

  3. Basic cimbo with shackle.

  4. Full combo with chackle and powershot.

  5. Branch combo. Will place tree and shackle enemy.

Script contains some options for powershot:
  1. Creep farm (by hotkey)
  2. Harras (by hotkey)
  3. Killsteal (only when combo button is free)

Also script contan smart turbulent move prediction.