Main Info

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This script require Rage Core library

Use this script!

Info drawings

  • Script display all bomb ranges
  • Force ranges
  • Info panel with damage calculation
  • On hero health bar for bombs damage and items
  • Bombs visibility
  • Option to display planting spots
    Blue spot - Stasis + Proxy mine
    Red spot - Proxy mine
    Violet spot - Remote Stack
    Orange spot - Proxy Stack
  • Indicates on hero health after Suicide

This script works HERO based.
You can use it with ALLY TECHIES

Stack based detonation

All bomb stack settings can be modified by this panel.
About all buttons:

  1. Remote mines counter
    Also you can enable auto planting by holding 'Z' and pressing Remote bomb icon at stack panel
  2. Proxy mines counter
  3. How many enemies should be detonated at moment?
    Can be modified by clicking arrows.
  4. Enemy disabler. This toggle contains 3 states.
    Dark - doesnt detonate this hero
    Green - allow to detonate
    Red - detonate this hero as fast as possible
  5. Toggle for auto Necronomicon detonation
    (settings for this option in menu)
  6. Toggle for auto Illusion detonation
    (settings for this option in menu)
  7. Toggle for auto LANE creeps detonation
    (settings for this option in menu)
  8. Toggle for auto HERO creeps detonation (like voidlings/treants/spiders)
    (settings for this option in menu)
  9. Fast explode single bomb (with loves lifetime)
  10. Button for aggregate around remote bombs to stack (same point)
  11. Button for aggregate around proxy bombs to stack (same point)
  12. Hide panel
  13. This toggle for smart COUNTER PREDICTOR. If disabled - bombs detonation doesnt check enemy bombs counter possibility
  14. This toggle for smart AWAITER. If disabled stack always will detonate as fast as possible for single enemy (without awaiting arriving enemies)
  15. This toggle for HELPER. If disabled bombs doesnt detonate for help ally hero

Stack also indicate if bombs under TRUE SIGTH

Proxy Helper

It helps to place bombs faster and more accuracy

Focus Detonation

Now your Focus Detonation spell got small radius for detonation. It helps to detonate single stack instead of all around stacks

Help Detonation

You can help ally. It will detonate mines if ally around enemy.

Detonation Counter

You can select how many enemies stack should kill.

Creep Detonation

Stacks can auto detonate Necronomicons, lane creeps, illusions, hero creeps

Auto aggregate

Auto aggregate around bombs to single point

Auto Proxy Stack moving

If enemy enter Proxy stack range all bombs will follow enemy. It harder to escape from moving bombs

Force stuffs

  • Force to proxy
  • Force to remote
  • Force to cross proxy/remote
  • Force to stack counter
  • Also breaks Linken

Damage Helpers

Dagon / Veil and Etherial included to calculation and detonation

On vision detonation

Bombs can be detonated on enemy hits

Anti Counter System

Script contains strong anti counter system with FUZZY module.

  • Protect from BKB
  • Protect from Blinks
  • Protect from Euls
  • Protect from Invulnerability
  • Protect from Aeon
  • Protect from Hero spells like:
    Juggernaut blade fury
    Riki tricks of the trade
    Tusk snowball
    Phoenix supernova
    Ursa enrage
    Brewmaster primal split
    Puck phase shift
    Sandking burrowstrike
  • Calculation for Spectre
  • Calculation for Visage
  • Calculation for Bristleback
    Also includes logic to detonate Brictle only if he faces mines
  • Calculation for Abbadon
  • Calculation for Ember Spirit
  • Calculation for Storm Spirit

This System contains FUZZY module

The script learns as the game progresses. It will counter any smart enemy during game (may need some experience with fails, be patient)

Invisible Detonation

Script can detonate invisible enemies.
Yue should put Proxy mine at stack point for use this feature

EUL combo

You can use combo with eul. It will predict Suicidem, use eul / bombs

Auto Remote Planting

You can enable auto planting by holding 'Z' and pressing Remote bomb icon at stack panel


Script Will killsteal with all available items
Also it will use EUL + Remote for killsteal

Combo Mode

By holding combo key techies will orbwalk and use all items.
While Holding 'Z' button + holding combo button Techies will only Orbwalk with AA