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This script require Rage Core library

Use this script!

Script can lasthit and deny any unit. Most smart lasthitting of all exist scripts.
List of features:

  • - Last/Deny hit with AA

  • - Last/Deny any type of units
  • - Multi Unit Controller!

    You can controlle many units at same time! All this unit will synchronize for together hitting

    For example Invoker + Spirit

  • - Multi unit Harras Sync

  • - Last hit with Spells

  • - Last hit with On hit spells

  • - Health prediction (including all units/towers/heroes)

    Simple Hero prediction

  • - Harras

  • - Depush/Push features
  • - Auto line farm/push with Illusions and controllable units

    This is amazing feature for Illusion heroes / Broodmother / Enigma / other multi unit heroes

    It auto push line with lasthitting feature. You can send many separated groups for all lines

    Also very good with Necro. Units push with creeps and run away if there o more allay creeps

  • - Under tower prediction
  • - Agro/unagro creeps
  • - Drawings (mark unit red if killable, draw hp bars)

This is config panel. It help fast change important settings.

  • - Harras (enable/disable harras while lasthitting)
  • - Spells (enable/disable spell farm)
  • - Depush (enable/disable depush feature)
  • - Push (enable/disable push feature)

Panel can be moved by dragging header

Panel can be moved by dragging header

  • - You can configure settings for sending group

    IMPORTANT Settings will placed only for groups who will be sended after change and dont chane settings of already sended groups

  • - You should select units and pres button