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This script require Rage Core library

Use this script!

This is ORB manager panel. Hidden by default (you can enable it in menu).

Panel can be moved by dragging left corner

  • - Auto change orb for moving and attack
  • - Smart Wex spheres. Uses Quas if low health, else uses Wex (can be configured in menu)

This is spell panel. It displays cooldowns and help invoke spells.

Panel can be moved by dragging left corner

  • - Auto invoke by click
  • - Display cooldowns
  • - Auto use Ghost Walk (configuration in menu)
  • - Auto cast by XButton
  • - Invoke by hotkeys

This is Sun Strike panel. It displays disables (when enemy cant move) and help predict Sun Strike.

Panel can be moved by dragging header

  • - Displays timing for stuns/roots
  • - Cast SS by click (with prediction)

Also Invoker Rage contains smart logic for SS:

  • - Cast SS under stuns / roots

    This feature is complex.
    It can help allay or killsteal. Also it can cast SS with calculating incoming demage from allays

  • - Cast SS under TP
  • - Cast SS under hard slow

  • - Cast SS under run away enemies

    This feature is complex.
    It will detect one line run and turbulent run. And uses SS only if enemy dont evading. Also it calculates all obstacles.

    Obstacles example:

    Turbulent run and obstacles example:
    Hard turbulent prediction

    Obstacle wrapping

    Obstacle and zigzag motion

  • - Cast SS under blind (in fog of war) TP

All this features configurable in menu

This is Combo panel. It displays current dynamic combo mode and other important fast settings.

This panel contains switches:

  • - Refresher switch (on/off using refresher in combo)
  • - Auto disabler (Auto use Tornado or EUL for combo, if disabled - you shoud hold combo key then manyally cast any disable)

Also you can on/off usage of Custom Combo modes.

Here examples of possible one key combo:

  • Simple combo without EUL

  • Simple combo with EUL

  • Manual start / Allay stun wait

  • Different possible Refresher combo

Script support all offencive items in combo